Social - 6 Proven Tips to Get Your Home Sold

Social - 6 Proven Tips to Get Your Home Sold

Wondering why your home hasn’t sold? Keep reading to find out if you’ve taken the right steps.

As summer winds down, families aiming to buy before school starts may have already made their move. But if you’re selling, don’t worry. Whether you’re preparing to list or you haven’t had any bites on your home, these tips will get you and your house moving in no time.

1. Adjust the Price Accordingly

Price is crucial when selling a home. If your house hasn’t sold yet, consider dropping the price. Waiting costs you more in the long run. Your happiness is worth more than the price difference. Adjusting the price is a smart move and is better than your home sitting on the market.

2. Pick the Right REALTOR®️

Think twice before choosing a newbie friend or distant relative to sell your home. This is a big financial decision, so experience matters. Seasoned agents understand pricing, negotiations, and have valuable connections. With significant finances at stake, having a knowledgeable and experienced professional by your side is critical to smoothly navigating the complex process.

3. Paint Your Front Door

Curb appeal is invaluable, making a well-maintained front yard essential to getting your home sold. When it comes to your front door, don’t overlook it amidst the landscaping efforts. A revitalized front door offers a promising return on investment. Simply repainting it is both effective and easy. However, before grabbing that paintbrush, be cautious with the color choice. Opting for the right hue can enhance your home’s appeal, while a wrong choice might deter potential buyers. Pops of color as well as black and charcoal have been shown to entice buyers.

4. Declutter Your Closets

An overcrowded closet can harm your chances of getting your home sold. If a prospective buyer senses inadequate room for their belongings, their interest could dwindle swiftly.

5. Depersonalize the Home

Put away photos, heirlooms, and other personal effects to help buyers avoid distraction. They need to envision your home as their own space. Clearing all traces of your preferences allows buyers to picture their belongings in the house, including furniture that aligns with their tastes.

6. Put the Emotions Away

Your home being sold can stir up emotions, especially if it holds memories. However, try to detach emotionally and treat it as a business venture. Focus on the financial side and consider the buyer’s feelings too. Staging and small updates can enhance appeal and create a more objective perspective.

Don’t get down on yourself if your home hasn’t sold yet. After all, you haven’t partnered with an industry leader at Surterre Properties®️ yet. If you’re ready to jumpstart your sale, contact your local real estate specialist today at

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